How might we co-design digital experiences that support the wellbeing of Australians during and after COVID-19?


Project Healthful helps people check-in with themselves and connect with others. 

Successful outcomes will be seen through the launch of an online community and the development of interactive tools that give people the agency to understand and organise all health factors that make up individual wellbeing.

This project was initially based on my lived experience with mental illness and the free support I received in therapy (CBT and OT) throughout university. The achievements and frustrations I saw have been used to help inform the potential solutions explored here.

I have attached a WIP Google document (best viewed on desktop) above for anyone to comment and contribute. Alternatively, click the documentation button if you're reading on your mobile. It's unrefined and scrappy, but I'm aiming to improve as I receive more feedback. Please let me know what you think! 


I'd love to speak to anyone whose wellbeing has been affected by COVID-19. Also, healthcare workers, people with pre-existing health conditions, or have diverse tech needs and subject matter experts. If you'd like to have a chat about the project, please make a time with me here.