How might we design accessible online tools for Australians in need of legal aid?

The objective of the project is to undertake Discovery and Alpha stages of the service design and delivery process around development of an online triage tool.

Legal Aid NSW is in the process of designing improved ‘triage’ practices to ensure that clients are channelled to the right level of service at the right time and that vulnerable people do not miss out on the services they need. This is a keystone project in the Streamlining Legal Pathways Program.

The Online Triage Tool will be designed so that the public can use their own words to describe their legal problem where the tool will utilise machine-based learning to guide them through to the right pathway.

An excerpt showcasing the background and process of our team has been embedded above. The final case study will be uploaded at the end of August.

"I feel like it would help us a lot if they did something to reduce panic... We want our hand to be held during the stressful period." 


Past Legal Aid NSW Client